Development Control Plans (DCPs)

A Development Control Plan (DCP) is a document that provides planning and building design guidelines for new development or alterations to existing development. They can be used by applicants as a guide to determine what type of development is appropriate in a locality and Council staff also use these guidelines to assess the merits of any proposal.

DCPs are adopted by Council and describe the controls that development should meet such as building styles, materials used and appropriate locations for development.

Below are links to the adopted Narrandera Development Control Plan 2013, this is also available at the Council’s office at 141 East Street, Narrandera.

When considering controls in relation to flooding as outlined in this Development Control Plan mapping and associated flood categories in the Narrandera Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan 2019 should be referred to as it represents the most current information available to Council regarding flood behavior.


Policies are acceptable design standards prepared by Council to guide and control development in Narrandera Shire. Some of these policies are referenced in the Development Control Plans and should be read in conjunction with the relevant DCP. They should also be used as a guideline in the design process.

  • Infrastructure Design Standard With Code of Practice
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