What are rates and charges?

Council levies an ordinary rate (cents in the dollar value) or a minimum charge (the least amount that a property must pay) on the unimproved land value for each parcel of rateable land in the Council area. Council levies charges for services where a service is available to the property whether the service is utilised or not.

Rates and charges may vary from year to year based on values supplied to Council by the NSW Valuer General as well as special rate variations (SRV) and maximum annual rate peg increases approved by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART). 

Why do I pay rates and charges?

The funds generated each year by Council for the ordinary rate are used to provide essential services within the Shire such as:

  • Animal and weed control
  • Regulation and inspections to ensure fire safety and building standards are met
  • Public health and waste education
  • Strategic planning and planning control of traffic movement, sign posting, rural addressing, safety and transport integration
  • Provision of street lighting
  • Health inspections of food premises
  • Maintenance of roads and footpaths
  • Provision of bus shelters and public seating
  • Provision of parking areas
  • Provision of green areas for the benefit of residents and visitors
  • Street cleaning and clearing of litter
  • Monitoring and approval of development applications
  • Regulation of subdivisions
  • Environmental planning and pollution control
  • Provision of emergency services, safety and security
  • Provision of libraries, community facilities and sporting facilities
  • Drainage design, maintenance and management
  • Employment initiatives
  • Maintenance and improvement of cemeteries under the control of Council 

When do I have to pay my rates and charges?

There are two options available to ratepayers:

First option - payment in full

If you are making a single payment for the full year's rates and charges payment is due on or before 31 August of the financial year.

Second option - payment by quarterly instalment amounts

The payment dates and amounts for each instalment are shown on your rate notice. Council will send you an instalment notice for the second, third and fourth instalments, 30 days before the payment is required.

The payment dates for each instalment are as follows:

  • 1st instalment payable by 31 August annually
  • 2nd instalment payable by 30 November annually
  • 3rd instalment payable by 28 February annually
  • 4th instalment payable by 31 May annually

Please note, ratepayers are not prevented under this option from paying more than one instalment.

What if I am having difficulties paying my rates and charges?

If you are having difficulty paying your rates or water account on time you may enter into an arrangement with Council to make periodic payments. Please note, however, that interest charges will continue to apply. Please contact Council's Rates Officer on (02) 6959 5510 for more information.

What happens if my payment is late?

If your quarterly payment is not paid in full by the due date, you may have to pay interest on the amount owing. The interest charge is simple interest calculated daily, at the rate specified within Council's annual management plan. It is your responsibility to ensure that your payment reaches us by the payment date shown on your notice.

How is my land categorised for rating purposes?

In accordance with the Local Government Act, 1993 Council must declare each parcel of land within the Council area to be within one of the following categories - Farmland, Mining, Residential or Business.

Council presently has one category for farmland, one category and two sub-categories for residential, one category two sub-categories for business. The category or sub-category for your property is clearly printed on the front of your annual rate notice.

A ratepayer may apply to Council to have a land category or sub-category reviewed. Please contact Council's Rates Officer on 02 6959 5510 for more information.

Categorisation of Land: Change of Category & Sub-Category:

  • A ratepayer must notify Council within 30 days when the land use changes from one category to another.
  • Appeal Against Declaration of Category

A ratepayer who is dissatisfied with Council's declaration of category after it has been reviewed, or the date at which the category is to take effect, may appeal to the Land and Environment Court within 30 days after the declaration is made, under Section 526 of the Local Government Act 1993.

Please see rate category maps below in PDF Files.

How is my land valuation determined?

The applicable land value for rating purposes is supplied by the Valuer General's Office to Council every three years.

Appeals Against Land Valuations

Objections or appeals regarding the valuation of the land value must be directed to the Valuer General's Office and not to Council. Whether or not an objection is pending, the rates levied must be paid by the due date indicated on the front of your Rate Notice.

Land Exempt from Rates

Certain land is exempt from rating (commonly known as non-rateable land).
In order to be eligible for exemption from rating, non-rateable land must be one of the following categories, as determined by the Local Government Act, 1993.

  • Church
  • Minister's residence
  • Schools
  • Public Land
  • Hospital
  • Land owned and used by Public Charities and certain other land as provided in the provisions of the Section 555 of the Local Government Act, 1993.

I have changed my name, how can I get the title of my rate notice changed?

If you have changed your name that appears on your rate notice (example, by way of marriage or deed poll), you must contact your Solicitor or NSW Land Registry Services. The NSW Land Registry Services (LRS) office will require a copy of all supporting documentation to process the alteration to your name on the deeds and notify Council of the amendment.

I have changed my postal address, how can I get the postal address of my rate notice changed?

If your current postal address is different from the address shown on the front of the rate notice, please notify Council immediately. Notification can be made by fax, post or via email to council@narrandera.nsw.gov.au. Please note: Council will not accept notifications of change of address over the telephone.

Address Change (Postal) for Managing Agent

Council will accept a letter, fax or email from the Managing Agent, on behalf of the property owner to change the forwarding address. Council must have the property owners written consent. Notification can be made by fax, post or via email to council@narrandera.nsw.gov.au. Please note: Council will not accept notifications of change of address over the telephone.


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