Tree Trimming Works

Current Tree Trimming Works
Where Start Date End Date Time What
Baylis Street Monday 21 November 2022 Monday 21 November 2022 7am to 5pm

Tree maintenance

Tree Maintenance

Council is actively managing our tree canopy now and into the future. Council conducts a tree audit every five years. The audit inspects all Council managed street and park trees. All trees have an asset number and any required works identified for the individual tree are listed and prioritised into a maintenance program.

Having initiated a proactive street tree maintenance program from the tree audit, Council utilises qualified staff and also enlists the services of qualified tree service contractors to carry out the tree maintenance.

Types of tree maintenance

  • Removal of any deadwood over 40mm in size
  • Height clearances over footways
  • Height clearances over roads
  • Removal of any identified dangerous branches
  • Removal of identified dead trees

Where trees:

  • Have good form and shape and do not affect pedestrian access or do not pose a risk to roadways, they will not be trimmed
  • From private property obstruct the public walkway, Council will notify the owner of the property

Council does not undertake works relating to shade / solar access and leaf, sap and fruit droppings.


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