What are the best trees to plant?

It is important to select the right tree for the right place. A locally indigenous species should be selected wherever possible. This will improve habitat for native animals as well as being suitable to the prevailing climate.

When thinking about what to plant, consider:

  • Level of pruning or maintenance required
  • Type of soil and water available
  • Keeping with the current character of the landscape
  • Access to sunshine and light in winter months
  • Creating habitat for native animals
  • Helping threatened species and ecological communities

What is the best way to plant a tree?

  • Don't plant too close to buildings or in-ground pools. Large trees should be planted at least four metres away.
  • Find out how tall the tree will be when fully grown and the size of its canopy. Make sure it won't impact on your neighbours through shading, loss of views or damage to fencing and building foundations.
  • Don't plant large trees too close together. Allow room for root growth.
  • Use locally native and non-invasive species in your garden, this will increase the success of your garden, need less water and attract native animals.
  • Don't forget mature trees need maintenance including the removal or trimming of misshapen branches and checking for fungal rot or other diseases.
  • Be aware of future tree and utility conflicts including contact with overhead and underground lines.

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