Development Consent may be required for development including the use of land and buildings, constructing buildings, demolishing structures and subdividing land, etc and requirements may vary in different land use zones. Property owners can access the NSW Government's Planning Portal to search for available planning information about a specific address, by either lot/section/Deposited Plan (DP) or street address. This information can include details of the relevant Local Environmental Plan, such as land zoning, lot size, bushfire prone land mapping, any applicable Development Control Plan, as well as State Environmental Planning Policies.

Development Applications are submitted to Council to obtain an approval for these and similar activities. For example: a single application can be submitted including a demolition, a future subdivision, the erection of a building, and its subsequent use. Other approvals may be required under the Local Government Act. Application fees are payable and are available to view in Council's Fees and Charges schedule.

An applicant seeking development consent submits an application, plans, specifications and other documents that fully describe the proposed use or work. The application is assessed based on criteria under the NSW Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and Regulation.

If approved, conditions of consent will apply that the applicant must satisfy at different stages, for example: prior to and during the construction phase, prior to and during the occupation of the land or building. A formal Development Application is the appropriate mechanism for an applicant to find out with certainty the conditions that a development will be required to meet.

The process applies to all land use zones in the Shire (rural, industrial, town or village). There may be very minor exemptions where some types of developments do not need formal consent, such as carrying out some types of agriculture in a rural zone. The Narrandera Local Environment Plan 2013 and Development Control Plan 2013 sets out certain constraints. Enquiries may be made of the Development & Environment section to check particular requirements.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to attend a pre-lodgement meetings prior to submitting a Development Application to ensure that the required documentation and detail has been compiled and is suitable for assessment. Delays can occur during the assessment of applications if insufficient detail is provided.



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