Following the flood event of 2012, Narrandera Shire Council was successful in gaining grant funding from the Office of Environment and Heritage to conduct a review of the adopted 2009 Narrandera Flood Risk Management Study and Plan (NFRMS&P) and the development of a Barellan Flood Management Study and Plan. The purpose of the project to revise the NFRMS&P and develop a BFRMS&P to assist Council in:

  • Refining strategic plans for the mitigation and management of the effects of continuing flood risks, associated with both the current and existing development from Main stream Flooding and Major Overland Flows.
  • Proposing recommendations for Council to work towards developing refined current policies to ensure that the future development of flood affected land at Narrandera and Barellan is undertaken in consideration with the identified flood hazard and risks
  • Selecting the recommended program of works aimed at reducing over time, the social, environmental and economic impacts of flooding and establish a program and funding mechanism for Flood Risk Management planning.
  • Ensuring NFRMS&P 2018 is consistent with NSW SES's local emergency response planning procedures

The study and plan provides a range of flood management recommendations, such as structural options, disaster management improvements and land use planning considerations, to reduce the impact of flooding and flood liability on individual owners and occupiers of flood prone property. It is also seeking to reduce private and public losses resulting from floods, while at the same time, recognising the benefit from the use, occupation and development of flood prone land.

The NFRMS&P and BFRMS&P reviewed baseline flood conditions, including an assessment of economic impacts and the feasibility of potential recommended measures aimed to reduce the impact of flooding on both existing and future development. This process provided the formulation of 11 recommended measures together with the required funding, level of importance and work funding priority that make up the floodplain risk management plan. Some of these measures involve capital expenditure to construct flood control structures which will reduce the number of properties currently at risk. This enables Council to apply for funding to proceed with the design and construction phase once Council adopts the study.

Other recommended measures control the risk using development and land use zoning controls to ensure that residents and property are safe and appropriate in relation to the flood risk. It was recognised that the identification of a landuse zone review and suitable controls in the NFRMS&P and BFRMS&P are only recommendations for Council to work towards and will be determined by Council after substantial community consultation with residents, staff and state planning bodies. The NFRMS&P and BFRMS&P purpose is to highlight the need for control measures to be investigated and developed in accordance with the identified flood hazard and risk. It should be noted adoption of the report does not endorse or adopt the land use planning zones or suggested controls recommendations. 

At Council’s 19 March 2019 Ordinary meeting, Council adopted the Draft review of the Narrandera Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan.  Council have since been successful in securing grant funding to undertake measures identified under the NFRMS&P:

  • Measure 9 - Investigation and concept design of Detention Basin Strategy
  • Measure 5 - Investigation to assess requirements for upgrading the Southern Main Embankment
  • Measure 10 – Commission Voluntary Purchase and House Raising Feasibility Study

At Council’s 19 September 2023 Ordinary meeting, Council adopted to include the implementation of the Narrandera Stormwater Upgrade as the priority one measure in the Narrandera Risk Management Plan (Please refer to Table S1 of the Review of the Narrandera Floodplain Risk management Study and Plan March 2019)

At Council’s 17 April 2018 Ordinary meeting, Council adopted the Draft review of the Barellan Floodplain Risk Management Study and Plan.  Council have since been successful in securing grant funding to undertake measures identified under the BFRMS&P :

  • Measure 1 – Investigate the feasibility of the Levee protection (Which has progressed to the Undertake Detailed Design of Preferred Levee stage of funding)

For development on flood liable land please refer to mapping in this study, refer to the Development Control Plan (DCP) for planning controls. For further information on development of flood prone land please contact the Development and Environment Team.




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