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Busking Application Form

As part of the planning process for a Busking Permit there is a need to lodge notice with various authorities as early as possible.  Preliminary advice will ensure that those involved/participating are included in the early planning stages and that authorities can provide the best possible support and also enable Council to provide sufficient notice to its insurers.

This information must be completed prior to undertaking any Busking within the Narrandera Shire.



  • Sections denoted ** must be completed by all applicants
  • Do not leave any sections blank, if any of the sections do not apply please mark these N/A (not applicable)

Make an Enquiry

Can't find what you are looking for? Please complete an enquiry form to let us know and a staff member will be in touch with all the information you need. 

Make a Complaint

If you are dissatisfied with the decision, level or quality of service, or behaviour of an employee or agent, you are entitled to make a complaint to the Council. You may lodge your complaint by telephone or at the counter or by meeting with the Manager/Director of the relevant Department to discuss the complaint. Complaints will be dealt with in accordance with Council’s Complaints Management Policy.

Give a Compliment

If you have recently had a positive experience with Council please let us know and we will make sure the person or team involved get the recognition they deserve. We appreciate hearing your feedback.

Australia Day Awards 2020 Nomination Form



Narrandera Shire Australia Day

Award Category Guidelines


Award Categories

  • Citizen of the Year                                                                           

Criteria:  For notable service to the community over a number of years

  • Young Citizen of the Year (aged between 16 and 24 on 26 January 2020)         

Criteria:  For notable service to the community during the preceding year

  • Senior Citizen of the Year                                                 

Criteria:   For notable service to the community over a number of years

(A nomination for this category will not prevent consideration for the Citizen of the Year nomination)

  • Organisation of the Year                    

Criteria:  For outstanding service/achievement by an organisation (business, group, club or committee) to the community of the Narrandera Shire in the preceding year


Applications may be rejected if it is deemed that the information provided is inadequate, irrelevant or in direct contrast to the spirit of the Australia Day Awards.


Nominations will be forwarded to the Australia Day Planning Committee consisting of a panel of various representatives widely selected from the community who will assess the suitability and merits of each of the applications and make recommendations to Council on suggested recipients.

Council will then make the final decision on award recipients based on the information provided by the selection panel.

Award recipients are to be kept confidential until the presentation of the Narrandera Shire Australia Day Awards. All accepted nominees shall be invited to attend the official presentation function.

Recipients of these awards must be Narrandera Shire residents.

The information in this nomination form is being collected for the sole purpose of Council considering the nominee for a 2020 Narrandera Shire Australia Day Award and will be accessed by members of the selection panel. Council officers will require the information to progress any matters relating to the awards and will be included in the award citations. The award citations will be provided to media, may be published in newspapers and also on Council’s website and may be provided in response to inquiries from the Australia Day Council or other individuals or organisations.


The nomination forms and supporting information for unsuccessful nominees will be held within Council’s Records Management System.


Narrandera Shire Council offers many opportunities for volunteering including Library Services, Visitor Information and Community Transport. Volunteers are also an integral part of Council’s Section 355 Committees. Community members wishing to express an interest in volunteering should complete the Volunteer Application Form.

Job Application Form

About this form

This is a multipurpose form

  • Section 1 - Provides Council with information about you and the job you are applying for.
  • Section 2 – Provides details regarding your employment history
  • Section 3 - Provides an Application Checklist and is most important. 

An application that does not address the selection criteria as outlined in the position information package will not progress to the interview stage


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