Narrandera Shire Council Chambers

Our Community Vision

We are a prosperous, diverse and sustainable community, built on a deep sense of trust, care and commitment for each other and our environment.

Key Strategic Themes

The following themes were developed through extensive community consultation held during 2021-22 with each theme assisting Council, the community and key stakeholders to work and focus together to achieve our vision for the future:

  1. Our Community
  2. Our Environment
  3. Our Economy
  4. Our Infrastructure
  5. Our Civic Leadership

Underlying each theme there are goals, strategies and actions which are supported by measures whereby the progress of each action can be reported to the community. The goals, strategies and actions reflect what the community told Council about their main concerns and priorities for the future. They also reflect Council's priorities based on knowledge about our future, our present and our history.

Principal Functions

Corporate Services

To provide effective support services for all of Council's operations.

Public Order & Safety

To provide services to the community, promoting confidence that their personal safety is assured.


To provide a healthy environment, to a level of community needs, within desirable standards.

Community Services & Education

To provide community services that are accessible to all and which meet the social and personal needs of residents.

Housing & Community Amenities

To ensure that uses of all land are appropriate and that Council provides environmentally effective services to meet the needs of the community.

Water Supply

To provide an economical, reliable and safe water supply system.

Sewerage Services

To provide an economical, reliable and environmentally safe sewerage system.

Recreation & Culture

To provide a variety of recreational and cultural facilities on an equitable basis, which complements the needs of local residents and visitors.


To ensure compliance with accepted standards of construction throughout the Shire.

Transport & Communication

To provide safe and efficient access to desired destinations.

Economic Activities

To provide efficiently run business undertakings, while facilitating the economic viability of the area.

A plan developed by the community and Council with a minimum 10 year outlook identifying the main priorities and
A program that details the principal activities to be undertaken by the Council to implement the strategies established
A plan that compliments the Delivery Program detailing the activities to be engaged in by the Council during the year
A summary of financial resources required to implement the Community Strategic Plan.
Is a plan outlining the intentions and proposed actions to remove barriers for access to information, services and
This workforce plan shapes the workforce to ensure that it is capable of delivering Council's objectives.
A summary of asset and other resources required to implement the Community Strategic Plan.
These plans identify what the Council's goals are and how they will be achieved.
Narrandera Shire Council’s Privacy Management Plan is based on the Model Privacy Management Plan
The Narrandera Shire Cultural Plan 2021-31 is a 10-year guide for Council’s investment in the art
The purpose of the Narrandera Shire Council Adverse Event Plan is to provide guidance for Council
Council has an Active Transport Plan (ATP), which provides a strategic approach to the enhancement of pedestrian and

Monthly Council updates: