Pensioner Rebates

To receive a pensioner rebate for rates and charges you must generally be the owner of the property for which you are applying, the property must be your principal place of residence and you must have a current pensioner concession card issued by Centrelink or by the Department of Veteran's Affairs. A proportionate rebate is provided to properties that are jointly owned by eligible pensioners and non-eligible people, or if your eligibility changes during the year.

  • Rates: a rebate off combined rates and domestic waste charges, to a maximum rebate of $250 each year.
  • Water: a rebate to a maximum of $87.50 where the service is provided by council.
  • Sewer: a rebate to a maximum of $87.50 where the service is provided by council.

For more information refer to the NSW Office Of Local Government pensioner concession fact sheet.

To apply for a pensioner rebate please complete the Pensioner Concession application, and return to Council along with a copy of each applicant’s concession card. A separate signed declaration form is required for each applicant applying for a concession.

If you start receiving a pension after the commencement of a quarterly billing period and you meet the above conditions, you can claim a rebate from the start of the next quarterly billing period.

If you cease to qualify as an eligible pensioner, you will not be entitled to receive a rebate after the end of the quarterly billing period in which you ceased to be eligible. It is your responsibility to advice Council of any changes in your circumstances so that an assessment of your eligibility to continue to receive a pensioner rebate can be undertaken.

Please contact Council's Revenue Officer as soon as your circumstances change.

Revenue Officer
02 6959 5510

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