Leaf collection occurs during autumn/winter to maintain streetscapes and assist residents with excessive leaves. Each year a standard Council truck is removed from general duties, the tray is dismantled and replaced with the leaf suction apparatus and collection bin. 

Service start and finish dates are dependent on individual seasons. The leaf collection truck follows a weekly cycle which is determined prior to commencement.

Please remember when the service begins it may take some time to progress through the cycle due to the volume of leaves collected. 

The leaf collection truck will cease operation for 2024 is yet to be advised.

To allow the leaf sucker the best chance of collecting piles please ensure:

  • Leaves are raked into piles(only piles will be collected).
  • Piles are raked into accessible area (not in behind tree’s and cars).
  • Piles only contain leaves (piles full of sticks, grass clippings etc will be left behind).

Monthly Council updates: