Removing and Pruning Trees on Public Land

Narrandera Shire Council is committed to the protection of trees and bushland. Find out what you need to know if you want to prune, remove or plant a tree.

If any trees on public, Council-managed land are causing you concern or affecting your property please report the details to Council for assessment.

Work we can assess to do

Habitat Trees

For habitat trees, we’ll remove the minimum amount to make tree safe while still retaining habitat value, such as leaving a hollow stump for nesting birds

Pruning Branches and Crowning

  • Crown-thinning for solar, pedestrian or vehicular access
  • Maintenance pruning to remove dead, diseased, dying, defective branches
  • Selective pruning to remove branches causing conflict, such as building encroachment
  • Pruning for vehicle sight lines, signage, and Roads and Maritime Services requirements.

Tree Removal

  • Removal of unsuitable or hazardous trees
  • Removal of trees in conflict with utilities and built structures where all engineering alternatives have been considered.

What we won’t consent to


  • Pruning of trees contrary to Australian Standards 4373
  • Pruning beyond what a particular species will tolerate
  • Requests for topping of trees
  • Chemical controls unless absolutely necessary, such as termite control on nature strips.

Tree Removal

  • Removing healthy and stable trees
  • Removing trees for views, solar access, leaf, fruit or sap drop, bird or bat droppings, or damage to sewer pipes or built structures
  • Removing trees causing damage to minor structures such as footpaths, fences  and driveways
  • Removal of trees so you can comply with the criteria of compliant development.

We’ll do what we can to help

If trees on any public land are affecting you, please feel free to report the public tree to Narrandera Shire Council. 

Illegal Tree Works

It can be very costly if you remove, damage or lop a tree without a Council permit, especially if the case is prosecuted in the Land and Environment Court. Make sure you’re aware of the rules and regulations before you start work. If in any doubt, contact Council. If you suspect there is illegal tree works happening please report the tree work to Council.

Penalties for Illegally Damaging or Removing Trees

Damaging or removing trees illegally is a serious offence. The Land and Environment Court can impose severe fines, plus a daily fee if the offence continues. You may be directed to plant new trees and vegetation and maintain them till they mature.

Identifying Public Tree Vandals

If we identify tree vandalism like poisoning, pruning, cutting, ringbarking or removal, we’ll pursue the offender.

Concerns about a Neighbour's Tree

Council has no authority to act in disputes between neighbours. It is always best to talk to your neighbours first even if you are only pruning less than 10% of overhanging branches. If your neighbour does not agree to remove or prune a tree, you can contact the Community Justice Centre for mediation assistance. If your neighbour's tree is damaging your property and the above methods have not worked you will need to seek your own legal advice. Further information can be found in the Trees (Disputes between neighbours Act 2006).


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