The committee was formed to provide assistance to Council in managing Lake Talbot and the environs through the coordination and input from all users of Lake Talbot and its surrounds. The assistance will be through advice, provision of voluntary labour and clear demonstration of community involvement when grant or other funding is sought by council for improvements.


 The Lake Talbot Environs Advisory Committee has been established to provide particular expertise to help the Council make its decisions and/or help engage community resources and opinion. There are no formal, delegated powers to act in place of Council. Any recommendations from the Committee that require an action of Council need to be adopted by Council at a formal meeting to achieve legal standing.


  • To provide advice to Council on the Lake Talbot area
  • To actively support the development and maintenance of the Lake Talbot area
  • Monitor conservation through coordination of community and user input
  • Assist Council in determining of priority activities to be undertaken and annual objectives

Monthly Council updates: