Road Closures

Road Closures

For various reasons temporary road closures occur, these can vary from;

  • Construction or maintenance works
  • Events
  • Incident response (accidents)
  • Wet weather

Council will advertise these road closures via this website and Council's Facebook page in accordance with the Roads Act and Road Regulations.

Residents are reminded that these closures are in place for safety and seek co-operation of the public in adhering to the temporary road closures.

Driving on a road that is closed due to wet weather will damage the road. It is an offence and penalties can apply. 

Current Road Closures

Road Name

Start Date/Time

End Date/Time



NSW Roads - Works

Newell Highway

Wednesday 4 November 2020 Approximately 7 months Overtaking lanes near the Firetail rest area, about six kilometres north of Grong Grong.  

NSW Roads - Works

Newell Highway

Tuesday 17 November 2020 Approximately 7 months Overtaking lanes near Landervale Road, 21 kilometres south of Ardlethan.  

Saw Mill Road

POSTPONED POSTPONED Between River Street and Cliffords Road. Nil. 

Newell Highway Project - NSW Roads

Sawmill Road



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