The Grong Grong Community Committee was formed to:

  • Manage the operations of the facility known Grong Grong Hall located in Balaro Street, Grong Grong.
  • Undertake activities and operation of the Grong Grong Earth Park located in Junee Street, Grong Grong.
    • The Earth Park will abide by the terms addressed in the licence with John Holland Rail Pty Ltd.
    • Area of Grong Grong Earth Park approximately 11,940m²
  • Manage the Grong Grong Sports Ground performing the role of trustee in accordance with the Crown lands Manual for the Grong Grong Sports Ground located Willandra Street, Grong Grong.
    • Crown Lands in New South Wales:
    • Legislation and policies – Crown Land in NSW:
  • Undertake Grong Grong promotional activities and functions (outlined in objectives).

The Committee is to manage these facilities subject to the directions of the Narrandera Shire Council and for the benefit of the residents of the Grong Grong District.

For more information refer to Annexures Section of the Manual- Website addresses and copy of Crown Land Management Act 2016 and information regarding John Holland Rail licencing agreement.

Monthly Council updates: