The Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) states the approach to implementing the principles and the objectives set out in the Asset Management Policy. It includes specific requirements to outline the processes, resources, structures, roles and responsibilities necessary to establish and maintain the asset management system.

The SAMP has been developed to provide the framework to ensure that new and existing Council’s infrastructure assets are operated, maintained, renewed and upgraded to ensure that the levels of service are achieved in the most cost effective and sustainable way. It meets Council’s commitments under the IP&R Framework in that all Council’s infrastructure assets are fully accounted for. Details on each asset class, including the inventory, condition, predicted and required expenditure are included in the Asset Management Plans.

The asset management plan classes covered by this SAMP are Buildings, and Open Space assets, Transport infrastructure assets, Stormwater assets, as well as Water and Sewer assets.

Development of Asset Management Plans for Council’s infrastructure is a mandatory requirement for NSW councils, as per the NSW Local Government Act 1993 and its subsequent amendments. As such, Council has developed the following SAMP to cover the period 2022/23 – 2031/32. The key findings for each asset class are included in the asset management plans section of this strategy (Appendices).


The purpose of the Narrandera Shire Council Adverse Event Plan is to provide guidance for Council in relation to recovery from adverse events that directly and indirectly affect Narrandera Shire Council and its community.


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