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The 2023 Christmas Competition Map is now live!

Follow the link to view.:

Voting for the 2023 Christmas Competition will open Friday 22 December 2023 and will close Monday 1 January 2024.

To cast your vote visit:

One vote per person, one vote per category.


Entrants can select between:

🎄 Best Grong Grong House

🎄 Best Barellan House

🎄 Best Narrandera House

🎄 Best Narrandera Street

🎄 Best Business

🎄 Best Farm

Even if you only have a few decorations, we encourage you to submit your address so that our MAP can be created to help people identify the streets to visit.

📸 Please submit a picture of your house decorations (even if it is from last year) to help us identify each place 📍


One nomination per household, please.

‼️Winners from the previous year are encouraged to enter so we can add your address to the map, however you are ineligible to win the year following‼️

Monthly Council updates: