Proposed Part Road Closure

Council is currently considering a proposal from the NSW Rural Fire Service – MIA District for the closure of part of the Landervale Road reserve for the construction of the proposed Landervale Bushfire Shed.

The area of land subject to the application is part of a Council managed road reserve with the NSW Rural Fire Service seeking the creation of a new allotment of approximately 1,700 m2 of land. The new allotment would remain in the ownership of Narrandera Shire Council with the land to be categorised as operational land with the NSW Rural Fire Service to construct the proposed Landervale Bushfire Shed at this location.

The below document provides a locality map of the proposed part road closure and details on how submissions to Council may be lodged.

Submissions are now invited from the community and should be submitted to Council by 4pm Friday 30 April 2021.


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