Visitor Information Services

Narrandera Shire Council has responded to the coronavirus emergency by making special customer service arrangements for the Visitor Information Centre (VIC).

While many Visitor Information Centres have closed across the State, Narrandera VIC will be offering modified customer service delivery arrangements from today.

Travellers and the general public will be able to communicate with staff via an intercom system that will enable a customer to receive information and travel brochures from outside of the building which will not be accessible to the public.

Customers will be able to engage visually and verbally with staff on the inside using the externally mounted intercom. Staff can provide material through a slightly opened hinged window while maintaining the recommended social distances.

The Mayor said today that it was regrettable that these measures had to be taken but commented that this was a much better option than complete closure. Staff will also be able to communicate arrangements for use of electronic devices, websites and social media to obtain travel and destination information.

“I am confident that those people who are still moving about our region will appreciate this level of modified service delivery in these extreme circumstances, where everyone’s health is of the upmost importance and personal separation guidelines are strictly observed,” Mayor Kschenka said today.

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