Brewery Flat Flooding

Narrandera Shire Council have successfully received a grant through the Local Government Recovery Grants Program aimed to support communities impacted by the severe floods in August and September 2022.


"We're grateful for this support, it will allow us to undertake critical recovery work and build a more resilient community," said the Mayor, Cr Neville Kschenka.


Narrandera Shire Council will undertake the following projects:


  • Construction of Flood Relief Gates

Construction of flood relief gates at the junction of the main stormwater drain and the irrigation canal to prevent flood water from inundating the residential properties on Larmer Street.


  • Replacement of soft fall at Marie Bashir Park

Install rubberised soft fall in the playground at Marie Bashir Park to replace bark soft fall destroyed in the flood events.


  • Flood levees at water supply bores

Installation of flood levees around the bores that provide water to the town's potable water supply.


  • Stormwater structure at the Narrandera Library

Construct stormwater protection at the town library to protect the building from inundation.


  • Where do I go from here’ Youth Development Program

Courses and workshops providing career and life skills training, a careers expo and mental health awareness training along with the opportunity to experience traditional culture and to translate that experience into a lasting piece of community art this program will auspice an opportunity to grow a positive vision for the future.


  • Digital Community Noticeboards

Installation of digital community information boards at various locations to enable information to be made readily available to members of the public during disaster events.


  • Economic Development Strategy and Signage Upgrades

Development of a strategy to address the economic effects of the flooding and upgrade of community signage associated with the strategy.


  • Replacement of Trees

Purchase, planting and nurturing of replacement trees damaged or lost in the disaster events.


The Local Government Recovery Grants Program is part of the broader Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements between the Australian and NSW Governments, ensuring coordinated and comprehensive support for flood-affected communities.

The projects are jointly funded by the Australian and New South Wales governments under the Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements.

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