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Financial Assistance Grants Open for Applications - Closing 4pm Friday 9 February 2024

Each year Council seeks applications from community organisations who may wish to apply for financial assistance for specific projects.

Only those applications submitted using Council’s ‘Application for Financial Assistance’ form will be considered and all applications must acknowledge an understanding of Council’s Policy CS20 Financial Assistance Program.

Narrandera Shire Council is committed to making our Shire a great place to live and work. We realise that community groups are often key partners in improving the quality of life for residents, workers and visitors. To assist in supporting the work of these groups, Council provides limited financial assistance ranging from $250 to $2,000 to selected voluntary groups and community groups on an annual basis. 

For more information view the Financial Assistance Policy below.

Eligibility Criteria

Financial assistance will be provided to support activities, services, projects and/or  programs by groups which:

  • encourage resident participation in activities that benefit the community as a whole and that facilitates the inclusion of people who are disenfranchised and/or financially disadvantaged
  • have established clear goals and outcomes that enhance community harmony and social cohesion within in a particular target group
  • encourages people and groups to help themselves
  • have leaders of the project that belong to or are able to demonstrate a strong connection with the community they seek to assist
  • are able to build on existing community assets, such as a service, physical building, bases of knowledge and community skills
  • have relevant project partners with an appropriate and sound budget
  • show cash or in kind contributions to the project
  • meet one or more of the objectives of the Community Strategic Plan.

Financial assistance will not be provided for:

  • use by an individual
  • the waiver of rates and charges
  • the payment or reimbursement of recurrent operational expenses
  • illegal activities
  • funding requests of more than $2,000
  • political activities
  • commercial activities
  • legal costs
  • reimbursement of expenses for projects that have already commenced or been completed
  • branches of charities that fundraise for projects outside the Shire.

Notwithstanding the established criteria, Council at its discretion may make a variation where it is demonstrated that financial assistance is required.


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