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Light Plant Operator – Open Space and Recreation

An opportunity exists in Council’s Infrastructure Services Department for a suitably qualified and experienced individual to fill a vacancy in the above position.

The purpose of this position is to operate Council’s plant and equipment, to assist with all Open Space and Recreation activities and to be actively involved in team building and development programs.

The position is Grade 5 in Council’s salary structure with a commencing salary of $993.52 per week, plus superannuation and allowances as per the Local Government State Award depending on qualifications and experience.

Intending applicants must refer to the Information Package for the position. This information is available from Council’s website www.narrandera.nsw.gov.au or Council’s Human Resources Department on 6959 5510 or email: council@narrandera.nsw.gov.au.

All applicants need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (or have a medical exemption) to be eligible for consideration.

Applications close 10 October 2022.

Position Title

Light Plant Operator - Open Space and Recreation

Doc ID




Status f/t, p/t, casual

Full Time

Hours of Duty/days worked

8.5 hours per day with a 9 day fortnight

UV Rating





Open Space and Recreation Team Leader

Date Compiled

November 2009

Date Modified

*November 2010*June 2011*May 2012*November 2014* March 2015*December 2017*March 2022*September 2022


Corporate Values - 'ECLAIRS'

  • Ethical
  • Caring
  • Loyalty
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Safety

Purpose of Position

This section should contain an encompassing statement of the major focus of the position. It should not define/list tasks, or responsibilities.

To operate council’s plant and equipment and to assist with all OSR activities and to be actively involved in team building and development programs.

Key Result Area’s for the Position 

The key result areas (KRA’s) are the major outputs for which the position is responsible and are not a comprehensive statement of the position activities.  Ideally, each KRA should cover a separate area of the work function. Most positions should be adequately covered by 5-8 KRAs.  No position should require more than 8 – maximum. The KRA’s are each broadly defined explaining the essential functions of the position.  In addition each KRA may also be accompanied by detailed lists of tasks of how work is to be carried out.

Key Responsibility Areas

Key Result Area: Efficient Operation of Council Plant

  Task Standard - to what qualitative or behavioural standard should the task be performed at:


Operating Plant

Carryout pre-start check list

Assure that plant is serviced in accordance to service schedule.

Defects are reported to OSR Supervisor

Operate council plant in accordance with manufacture’s specifications and council procedures.

2 Maintenance and Storage of Plant, Tools & Equipment

Perform regular maintenance of plant, tools and equipment as per operating Instructions

Ensure plant, tools and equipment are securely locked away when not in use as per Council’s policy and procedure

Tools and equipment kept in a clean and tidy state


Key Result Area: Assist with Labouring Duties

  Task Standard - to what qualitative or behavioural standard should the task be performed at:
1 Assist in the maintenance of parks & gardens, sporting facilities, urban areas and amenities

Parks & gardens, sporting facilities, urban areas and amenities are maintained in accordance with the objectives and measures outlined in the Plan of Management for Marie Bashir Park.

Park maintenance regime undertaken to a high quality and in a timely manner.

Removal of rubbish lying around parks and sporting facilities

Ovals maintained to acceptable standards consistent with the level of sport being played for each code.

Respond to request for maintenance or repair as directed.

2 Undertake labouring duties as required Labouring duties are carried out in the correct manner preventing injuries or damage to staff or equipment.


Key Result Area:   Assist with Organising Council Resources

  Task Standard - to what qualitative or behavioural standard should the task be performed at:
1 Identify appropriate plant required to complete set tasks Tasks are carried out efficiently with minimal breakdown of plant.

Communicate with OSR Team Leader / OSR Supervisor

Minimal interruptions to work schedules due to plant related issues.

Information is provided to OSR Supervisor regarding progress.

Advise other department Coordinators/Team Leaders when required.


Key Result Area:  Quality Assurance

  Task Standard - to what qualitative or behavioural standard should the task be performed at:
1 Maintain a high standard or work practice

Tasks are not revisited before time.

No complaints from customers or staff regarding poor work.

Worksites re-established before completion.
2 Ensure safety at worksites

No incidents

The correct PPE is used at all times, when required.


Key Result Area:  Records Management

  Task Standard - to what qualitative or behavioural standard should the task be performed at:
1 Assist with the accurate maintenance of Council’s records

Keep a daily record of the activities and the amount of work achieved.

Record plant and materials used daily.

Provide information to OSR Team Leader/OSR Supervisor of completed tasks.


Enterprise Risk and Work Health and Safety responsibilities of Workers/Staff




Comply with safe working procedures

Comply with the WHS Act section 28, Duty of workers;

a. Take reasonable care for his or her own health and safety; and

b. Take reasonable care that his or her acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of other persons; and

c. Comply, so far as the worker is reasonably able, with any reasonable instruction that is given by the person conducting the business or undertaking to allow the person to comply with this act; and

d. Co-operate with any reasonable policy or procedure of the person conducting the business or undertaking relating to health or safety at the workplace that has been notified to workers.

Follow safe work procedures established by Council


Use of appropriate personal protective equipment and safety systems

Where PPE is required to control exposure to hazards in the workplace, wear and maintain the PPE as directed, as indicated in a risk assessment, or as required in WHS procedures, or as in the safe work method statements.


Assist with the preparation of risk assessments and safe work method statements

Before commencing work or job where there is an identified risk, conduct a risk assessment to identify, assess and control the hazards associated with the work or job. This must be conducted in conjunction with other relevant staff, and the supervisor;

Assist in the annual review of safe work method statements.


Report WHS

Report workplace hazards to the supervisor or manager and WHSO as soon as possible after they occur or are identified; and

Report injury or illness arising from workplace activities using the Incident /Injury/ Near miss report form as soon as possible after incident.


Enterprise Risk and WHS Training

Attend all required Enterprise Risk and WHS training


Selection Criteria

Essential: Class C Driver Licence (Manual Vehicles)

Essential:  General Construction Induction Card

Preferable: First Aid Certificate

Preferable: Ability to operate tractor and attachments and other small plant

Preferable: MR Driver Licence

Preferable: Backhoe/Front-end loader or skidsteer certification

Preferable: Traffic Controllers Certificate


1. 2 years relevant work experience, preferably in Local Government
2. Well developed written and verbal communication skills
3. Demonstrated strong work ethics
4. Demonstrated sound knowledge of specialised plant and equipment
5. Demonstrated sound knowledge of WH&S policies
6. Demonstrated sound knowledge of Council’s policies
7. Demonstrated understanding and implementation of job instructions
8. Demonstrated previous experience in plant operation


Required Vaccinations:

Essential: COVID-19 Vaccination (or Medical Exemption)

Preferable: Influenza Vaccination

Essential: Hepatitis A

Essential: Hepatitis B

Essential: Tetanus (dT or dTpa)

Preferable: Q Fever

Monthly Council updates: