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Junior Library Assistant (Casual, Under 18)

An opportunity exists in Council’s Corporate and Community Services Department for an individual to fill a vacancy in the above position.

This is a casual, junior position for an individual under 18 years of age, with predominately weekend work.

This position is required to assist in providing an efficient and effective Library service to the community.

The position is T1-T3 depending on age, plus superannuation and allowances as per the Local Government State Award.

Intending applicants must refer to the Information Package for the position. This information is available from Council’s website www.narrandera.nsw.gov.au or Council’s Human Resources Department on 6959 5510 or email: hr@narrandera.nsw.gov.au.

All applicants need to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 (or have a medical exemption) to be eligible for consideration.

Applications close Monday 10 October 2022.

** Please upload 3 x recent school reports as part of your resume when applying online. Alternatively, please make a photocopy of 3 x reports and submit them via email, mail or hand delivered to Council offices along with a few paragraphs stating why you are interested in this role.

Position Title

Junior Library Assistant

Doc ID



Dependant on Age T1-T3 (Under 18)

Status f/t, p/t, casual


Hours of Duty/days worked

Predominantly Weekend work

UV Rating



Corporate and Community Services


Library Officer

Date Compiled

February 2021

Date Modified



Corporate Values - 'ECLAIRS'

  • Ethical
  • Caring
  • Loyalty
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Safety

Purpose of Position

This section should contain an encompassing statement of the major focus of the position. It should not define/list tasks, or responsibilities.

To assist in providing an efficient and effective Library service to the community.

Key Result Area’s for the Position 

The key result areas (KRA’s) are the major outputs for which the position is responsible and are not a comprehensive statement of the position activities.  Ideally, each KRA should cover a separate area of the work function. Most positions should be adequately covered by 5-8 KRAs.  No position should require more than 8 – maximum. The KRA’s are each broadly defined explaining the essential functions of the position.  In addition each KRA may also be accompanied by detailed lists of tasks of how work is to be carried out.

Key Responsibility Areas

Key Result Area:  Library Information Services

  Task Standard - to what qualitative or behavioural standard should the task be performed at:


Issues and Returns

Ensure all library materials are issued and returned accurately using the Library Management Systems

2 Effectively utilise the Library Management System

Assist in circulation related procedures eg. Customer enquiries, reservations, inter-library loans etc.


Assist Clients

Assist clients to access Library services, materials and facilities in a polite and helpful manner.


Key Result Area: Customer Service

  Task Standard - to what qualitative or behavioural standard should the task be performed at:


Oversee the setting up of Council meetings

Ensure that all contact with clients both external and internal is undertaken in a polite and friendly manner and in accordance with Council procedures and requirements.

If a query is not able to be answered by Narrandera library, clients are referred to the appropriate area / service.

2 Greet / acknowledge visitors / clients to the Library

Clients always treated as first priority

Clients acknowledged and spoken to in a positive & friendly manner

No complaints received from clients re behaviour or civility

3 Assess any special needs of the visitors

Customer needs met ie seating an elderly person /disabled access

All issues in meeting client special needs reported
4 Answer phone & respond to emails

Phone answered in a polite and friendly manner

Emails responded to on the same day as receipt

Accurate information provided to customers
5 Assist clients by provision of relevant information

nformation provided is helpful and up-to-date

Information requests responded to in a timely and professional manner

Information provided is relevant to the clients needs

6 Mail / send information /notices to customers Check for correctness and currency in all information / notices sent to clients.
7 Assist clients with use of Library technology Facilitate research by providing clients with assistance and general instruction when using items of Library technology


Key Result Area: Library Maintenance

  Task Standard - to what qualitative or behavioural standard should the task be performed at:


Accurately shelve all Library materials

All Library materials shelved / displayed in correct alpha / numeric order and in accordance with the principals of the Dewey Decimal System.

2 Ensure Library presentation is of a high standard

Library kept neat and tidy at all times

Work areas kept neat and as clear as is reasonably practicable

3 Library Materials maintained and repaired

Books / magazines covered to agreed standard

AV Materials processed to agreed standard

Repairs to damaged Library materials undertaken where practicable

Damaged / missing items identified and reported

Damage or loss by clients reported and actioned appropriately
4 Ensure a safe environment is maintained

WHS requirements met

Hazards identified and reported

Hazards removed or rectified where practicable


Key Result Area: Administration

  Task Standard - to what qualitative or behavioural standard should the task be performed at:


Provide Administrative / Operational Support

Follow reasonable instructions given by Library Officer

Perform other duties as requested by the Library Officer to ensure the efficiency & effectiveness of the service

2 Participate & actively contribute to continuous improvement & Service Excellence

Regular feedback provided to Library Officer

Suggestions made towards improving Library operations

Objectives & goals at Library achieved

Problems and concerns reported to Library Officer regarding operations, maintenance and/or clients in a timely manner

3 Type and file documents

Minimal typing errors

Information filed in correct location and easily accessible

Well constructed basic letters
4 Ensure currency of displayed information

Council Information current and displayed in accordance with Council instructions

All brochures and fliers available for clients are current and accurate

Information displayed on Community Notice Board current and accurate and displayed in accordance with Council’s Policies and procedures


Key Result Area: Teamwork

  Task Standard - to what qualitative or behavioural standard should the task be performed at:


Contribute to Library Programs and Activities

Actively participates in and contributes to Library programs and activities.

Work co-operatively with team members to achieve library goals.

Work in a manner that promotes team harmony.

Use good judgement and problem solving skills.

2 Carry out allocated tasks to the standards required

Required tasks are performed in a competent, timely and pleasant manner and in accordance with Council procedures and requirements.

3 Participate in Annual Performance Review In conjunctions with Library Officer complete annual performance review.


Key Result Area: Programs and Activities

  Task Standard - to what qualitative or behavioural standard should the task be performed at:


Assist with Library displays/promotions

Undertake or assist with such Library displays and or promotions as may be required

2 Assist with Library activities

Effective assistance with the organisation or running of Library activities such as Story Times, Craft, Children’s Book Week etc. provided


Enterprise Risk and Work Health and Safety responsibilities of Workers/Employees




Comply with safe working procedures

Comply with the WH&S Act section 28, Duty of workers;

  1. Take reasonable care for his or her own health and safety; and
  2. Take reasonable care that his or her acts or omissions do not adversely affect the health and safety of other persons; and
  3. Comply, so far as the worker is reasonably able, with any reasonable instruction that is given by the person conducting the business or undertaking to allow the person to comply with this act; and
  4. Co-operate with any reasonable policy or procedure of the person conducting the business or undertaking relating to health or safety at the workplace that has been notified to workers.

Follow safe work procedures established by Council


Use of appropriate personal protective equipment and safety systems

Where PPE is required to control exposure to hazards in the workplace, wear and maintain the PPE as directed, as indicated in a risk assessment, or as required in WH&S procedures, or as in the safe work method statements.


Assist with the preparation of risk assessments and safe work method statements

Before commencing work or job where there is an identified risk, conduct a risk assessment to identify, assess and control the hazards associated with the work or job. This must be conducted in conjunction with other relevant employees, and the supervisor;

Assist in the annual review of safe work method statements.


Report WH&S

Report workplace hazards to the supervisor or manager and WHSO as soon as possible after they occur or are identified; and

Report injury or illness arising from workplace activities using the Incident /Injury/ Near miss report form as soon as possible after incident.


Enterprise Risk and WHS Training

Attend all required Enterprise Risk and WHS training


Selection Criteria

Essential: Provide 3 current school reports with excellent results in English and Mathematics

1. Willingness to provide quality customer service to a broad customer base 

Ability to learn to carry out library duties including shelving, searching, collection maintenance, end processing and repairs of library resources

3. Ability to effectively use software and devices, (including Word, Excel and Outlook)
4. Good time management and attention to detail
5. Good communication skills
6. Ability to gain knowledge and skills in line with
7. Ability to work independently or in a team environment
8. Good Literacy and numeracy skills
9. Physically capable of attending to customer needs in a Library environment


Required Vaccinations:

Essential: COVID-19 Vaccination (or Medical Exemption)

Preferable: Influenza Vaccination

Monthly Council updates: